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Helping sells can be summed up by looking at many of the areas in business where helping sells can help people thrive. For example:

  • In Marketing: Create marketing that educates people to help them make a decision.
  • In Sales: Sales that challenges and helps prospects. Help prospects improve their own businesses.
  • In Professional Services: Geoffrey Moore described it this way: Strategic acts of generosity. 
  • In Customer Success: It is not about the renewal. It is about helping customers do their jobs better or otherwise achieve a desired outcome.
  • In Customer Education: Not just teaching features, but education people on a new way of working.
  • In Support: Proactively helping customers with things they have not even asked about yet. Anticipating their needs and addressing those, but customers think to ask. We plan to have questions on the show in all of those areas to discuss their particular helping sells approach to technology and business.
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