Peter Thiel asked me how I can achieve my ten year plan in six months. Really. Well, not really.

He didn’t personally ask me. It’s not like we met for lunch at Como Esta Taqueria in mid-town Palo Alto. I read the question in his book.

But, in December, while I was on vacation, I thought about that question.


I have a written goal somewhere…I cannot remember where…but I did write this down once…that I would write five books in the next ten years. Geez, I hope I did not write that goal ten years ago. Let’s just say I’m writing it now.

Five books in ten years is an aggressive goal. One book every two years. That alone is relentless daily writing and editing and pitching publishers.

If I am going to write five books in ten years, I will be 57 years old.

That is too long.

I probably won’t become a good writer until I publish at least five books. Maybe more. It takes time and practice and production to get good. At anything. I don’t want to wait that long to get good.

Let’s get back to Peter’s question for me:
How can you achieve your ten year plan in six months?
I am not sure I can write five books in six months, but I could write two. Maybe three.

I can self-publish them. I can write shorter books. I can write Kindle only books.

I can do that.

I already have 20,000 words for one book on agile marketing. I can publish that by March or April. Then start on the next one. (I wrote this part in January 2018 right after starting to write the first book in this goal)

I can do that.

The next book is on customer education. Then software adoption. I think I can get those done by the end of 2018. It’s going to be close.

The fourth book…I am not sure. Maybe a book on implementing Workplace by Facebook. That might impress Dan O’Leary. I don’t know exactly what that book would be, but I can work that out.

So…how can I achieve my ten year plan in six months?

I can accelerate my book writing and publishing and get two books published in the first six months. And publish five books within two years. That is 5X acceleration. That ain’t bad.

Author’s note: I published that Agile Marketing book on April 30, 2018 by the way. It’s on Amazon and people are buying it. I have also been asked to speak at an agile marketing meetup and two Atlassian user groups. That’s a decent-sized whoop.

Better yet, I am now 25,000 words into that book on customer education. That is book two. I am writing it with Jesse Miller and Rob Castaneda and Dilyana Hadjeva.

That is how I can achieve my ten year plan in six “ish” months.

2018 is the year I turn pro.


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