Marketo CEO Says Customer Education Biggest Growth Limiter and He's Right

In a recent post on diginomica, Marketo CEO, Phil Fernandez, was quoted as saying, "I believe the single biggest growth limiter for our market at large, in fact, is customer education." A bold statement, indeed, when one considers growth limiters could be anything from competition, product maturity, an effective salesforce, the economy, and customers entrenched in old ways of operation, to name only a few. 

Fernandez goes on to say that the marketing automation space is "still a market that is in the learning and skill-building phase." As a marketing professional learning new skills, I agree first hand that the marketing automation space is on the learning and skill-building phase. But I find it incongruent that the response to improving customer education is to build up Marketo's salesforce capability through improved sales enablement practices.