There is only one week until the gun goes off at the Woodside Ramble 50K. Five weeks ago, I set some goals to help me get ready for the race. I want to summarize my goals and provide an update on the status of each.

Goal #1: Lose 12 pounds (2 pounds per week)

Status: I started the period at 175.5 pounds. On Sunday, at the end of week 5, I weighed 166.9. My goal called for me to weight 165.5, so I am 1.4 pounds behind schedule. In order to get to 163.5 by race day, I will have to lose almost 3 1/2 pounds in a week. That might not be such a good idea the week before at 50K. I will just focus on eating good foods, and maybe I'll get to 175+.

Goal #2: Eat 1,400 calories for day + workout food

Status: I am not going to fire up an Apache Hadoop server to analyze this. Let's just say, I stuck to this goal about 85% of the time.

Goal #3: No eating after 6pm.

Status: I mostly stuck to this. There were times when I ran at night, so I ate. So, let's just say, I did ok at this.

Goal #4: Run one 21 miler.

Status: Nah. My longest was 18 miles. The day I went out for my 21 miler, I stopped at 10. It was just not going to happen. I was tired, and I decided to listen to my body and begin tapering a week early, rather than gut it out and risk injury. I do feel rested, but I also feel less confident in my endurance.

Goal #5: Five weekday trail runs of 10 miles.

Status: I did this on my normal trail at Rancho San Antonio Park

Goal #6: Complete Peak Week of 50+ miles.

Status: Nope. The Sunday i cut my 21 miler short was the week I did not meet this goal.

Overall, I did a decent job here. I did not achieve 100% of my goals, but I believe I am lot more prepared for this race because I set these goals and went after them.

Now, all I have to do in the final week of eat healthy, stay healthy, and rest well. And all I have to worry about is this major rain storm that threatens to turn the race into a slow, sloppy mess.