Interview on the Frontleaf Blog: Customer Success Requires Customer Training

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Tom Krackeler, co-founder and CEO of Frontleaf. We discussed the importance of customer training in customer success and in helping customers learn software, achieve desired outcomes, and ultimately renew.

Here is a short excerpt from the interview and then I link to the full post. 

We all know intuitively that customers who are well trained perform better. The problem is that training is hard. It's time consuming to develop, and it seems like as soon as your awesome training program is complete, your product changes and it becomes obsolete. This is a big reason why so many enterprise software companies, especially Cloud/SaaS platforms, under-invest in training their customers.

There is another reason, too. The perception that the costs of providing a top-notch training program outweigh its benefits. Of course, this is just a perception, and not a data-driven conclusion, because companies are not very good at using data to measure the success of their training practices.

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