Woodside Ramble 50K Training Goals: Final 6 Weeks

It has been a frustrating running year for me in 2014.
  • I have had a lengthly recover from a tight IT band that kept me from racing the Woodside Ramble 50K - Spring Edition in April. I volunteered to work the race instead.
  • My training has been inconsistent. 
  • I have gained 15 pounds.
  • I have had long hours and work
  • Responsibilities at home taking care of the little ones.
 You know, the usual things that tug at most of us.

At the end of October, with about six weeks to go before the Woodside Ramble 50K Winter Edition, I figure I should make a decision. A 50 kilometer running race in the mountains should not be taken lightly, and I was deciding whether to run or not. “Maybe I’ll just volunteer this year,” I thought.

Be then I decided, to go for it. I set a few goals for the final six weeks before the race. I decided to see if I could achieve those goals. If I could achieve the goals below, I would run the race.

So here they are:
  • Lose 12 pounds - drop 2 pounds per week through the six weeks
  • Eat 1,400 calories per day + workout food
  • No eating after 6pm, unless I do an evening run (still stick to daily calorie goals)
  • Record food every day
  • No booze before race day
  • Run one 21 miler
  • 5 weekday trail runs of 10 miles
  • Complete peak week of 50+
These are my training goals for the six weeks leading up to the race. Today, I have just over three weeks to go, and here is my progress:
  • At the end of week three I weigh 170.2 (I started at 175.5)
  • I have run 3 ten mile trail runs
  • I am on track this week do to 52 miles (we’ll see how Saturday and Sunday go)
  • Oops. I had one beer at an event in Palo Alto two weeks ago.
I am close to being on track.

I have made losing weight a priority, figuring if I am not quite as fit as I need to be, I can make some of that up by being light. I hope that pays off to a smooth race and a strong finish.