Training Log: When You Just Want to Sleep In

This, of all mornings I just didn’t feel like going out on my run. The alarm went off, and I just wanted to sleep an extra hour, wake up, get ready for work, and leave the house at a normal time like every other normal person. Why do you think they call it rush hour?

But. And this is a big BUT.

I planned for this week to be my peak running week before the Woodside Ramble 50K on December 14. This week, I plan to run at least 50 miles, which is a lot for me. Since I usually run 5 days per week, getting in 50 miles is a challenge. It means doing at least one 10 miler mid-week and a 20 miler on Sunday.

Well, today is mid-week. And I planned to do a 10 mile trail run which takes me up a 1,600 foot climb over 5 miles. Runnable, even for me. The route takes me about an hour and forty five minutes…plus or minus.

Mostly plus.

The trick is to get the run in before work. So that means getting to the trail before sunrise, which in mid-November in Silicon Valley means arriving about 6am, so I can begin my run around 6:15. This way, I am done between 8 and 8:30 and get get to work by 9am.

Two major things were tempting me to skip my run. OK. Three.
  1. I was tired. I didn’t sleep until 10:30 the night before.
  2. The weather forecast was for rain to start at 8am.
  3. I had a busy day at including hosting 2 webinars, the first one starting at 10am.
I had plenty of reasons not to run. We all do. I sometimes I give in to those reasons. Some times for good reasons. Sometimes not.

This morning, still lying in my warm bed, and after the second snooze, I said to myself, “When I least want to go, that’s when I need to go.” For some reason that worked, and I flew out of bed, put on my running clothes, and left the house at 5:35am.

I did the run, and managed to have a fairly productive day at work. Mostly, I felt like I accomplished something and happy that I stayed with my plan to get to 50 miles this week. If I had skipped my run today, I would not have been able to get to 50 miles this week.