HumanCapitalist Blog: Instructional Design Teams Should Run Scrum to Be Agile

This post was originally published on the HumanCapitalist blog. Included here is the lead and a link to full post.

Agile development is a popular topic — so popular that even learning and development teams are talking about it. Robert Winter of CA Technologies raises this question in his upcoming talk, “Is Agile Compatible with Human Performance Technology (HPT)?” And since I’m an HPT’er at heart, I believe the answer is, “Yes!”

The topic begs the question, “How can I implement agile development methodologies in my learning design team?” This is not an easy question to answer since there are so many ways to implement agile. Scrum is one way. And when you start to learn about Scrum, you realize how applicable it is to developing learning content. Once you learn about Scrum, you will go back to your team and say, “Hey, we gotta do this!”


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