Confluence Questions: Writing Certification Exam by Delegating, Outsourcing, or Collaboration

I recently finished a client project writing a certification examination for an open source software development platform. It was an exciting project with an exciting and emerging start up in the San Francisco bay area. The problem was that I did not know the programming language, and I had to write test questions on it.

Good test questions.

Writing Certification Exam with Confluence Questions from Atlassian
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Not all of the test questions were conceptual. In fact, most of the test questions, tested on the proper use of code. There was no way I could learn fast enough to write all of the test questions. So I asked for help.

At ServiceRocket, we use Confluence Questions from Atlassian. So, I posted a question (several questions) and asked our development team if they knew this technology and if they could help me write some of the questions. They did. They were happy to. It was incredible.

In no time, I had an entire exam written and the result of the project was that the client was very happy. In a leadership meeting, our CEO shared with the team how happy he was with the project adding, "...and Bill basically outsourced his work using Confluence Questions."

I didn't know whether to be proud of this praise or worried that the CEO thought I just hang around the office all day, drinking Code 33s from Philz Coffee, while other people did my work. Either way, the work got done, and the customer was happy. This was all done because of the collaborative working environment we have....and because of the tool we used; Confluence Questions.

Side Note: I may not have known that programming language, but I do not how to write exam questions. I had a process that was guided by Bloom's Taxonomy. If you'd like to learn how I did it, comment below and we can connect in real life.


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