Let's Review: Most Popular Blog Posts in January 2014

January brought a lot of interesting content to the LX Designer blog. The topics where all over the map, ranging from a gmail outage to an accusation. Here are the five most popular blog posts on the LX Designer in January 2014

We Are Looking at Knowledge Management All Wrong
In this post, I suggest we not worry so much about capturing knowledge of the departing. I post the question, “How do we want to capture the old way of doing things?”

Instead of Sending an Email…I Blog It
This is one of my favorite posts, as well. I am getting comfortable using internal blogs to communication with people at ServiceRocket. To broadcast progress on a progress. To announce milestones. To ask for help. To ask questions. To brainstorm. It is amazing how much participation and collaboration comes from an internal blog post. If you are not doing this, start doing this.

Gmail Was Down? Huh?
Evidently, the gmail outage on January 24 caused angst and frustration. Aaron Levie even posed a challenge tweet that someone has 7 minutes to disrupt email. I used Gmail for both work and personal. And I hardly noticed. Here’s why.

Poll Results: How Long does it Take to Learn a New Job
Let’s put it this way…it takes much longer that you are will to admit.

The Art of Writing Audio Scripts for eLearning
You want to write for how people speak, which is much different that writing for how people read.