The Art of Writing Audio Scripts for eLearning

This is a very practical piece about script writing for eLearning…especially the part about writing for how people speak. I can’t tell you how many times, I have written audio scripts (even for myself) that were not written for how I speak.

I take my script into a room to start recording, and I start bumbling around phrases and spend a lot more time re-writing phrases to sound more conversational or to simply avoid tongue-tying phrases. It is surprising how difficult it is to write for how people speak. Sometimes you don’t know a phrase is bad until you say it out loud.

A poorly written script slows down the person doing the recording. They are forced to edit on the fly, and they do not always know what you want to say. Especially if you are working with an outside voice-over professional…they will stop, ask you, and wait for your response, slowing down the project.

If you write scripts for other people to read and record, the best way to avoid this is to read your scripts out loud, as if you are recording it. Do that and you will find yourself catching all sorts of mistakes.


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