Let's Review: Most Popular Blog Posts in December 2013

All but one of the most popular LX Designer Blog posts in December was a current post. The one from the past that gained interest was about poll results on how long it takes to learn a new job. Hint: It takes a bit longer than most people would plan for.

Well, here are the most popular LX Designer Blog posts in December...in order of popularity.

Seriously. This post is as practical a how-to guide to writing a blog post as you are every going to find. There is nothing vague here. I give you a step-by-step process that is repeatable and takes the mystery out of writing blog posts. Now, just wait until I implement Kanban boards to manage my blog posts like Atlassian does. Whoa Nelly!

In this post, I argue against the need to spend any significant effort trying to capture the tacit knowledge of the so-called baby boomer exodus from the workplace. Why are you trying to capture yesterday's knowledge? 

I seriously think CEOs can completely change the way they engage employees are lead their companies towards a clearer vision of the future. Using MOOCs. Enough with the Quarterly Email Update from the CEO.

Hint: Longer than you planned for when you took at new job. I ran this poll in April 2013. The results are interesting. 

A recap of what I learned at Dreamforce 2013. A great learning experience.