Gmail Was Down? Huh?

Today’s gmail outage reminded me that I don’t need email as much as I think I do.

At ServiceRocket, we use Google Enterprise (Who doesn't?), so we didn’t not have email for a bit. But that ended up being fine. 

Here s why:
  • When I needed to send someone a document to review, I sent that person a message in Hipchat with a link to the file in Box. 
  • To send a message to my team, I wrote a blog post on our Confluence Space 
  • If I needed a status on a task, I checked the issue in JIRA 
Sure, there was the email I really wanted to send a customer…in that moment. And it was frustrating not to be able to send it precisely when I said I would, but I did get the message out…albeit later than I wanted. 

At first what seemed like a catastrophic first world problem to be without email for 42 minutes, ended up being a delightful reminder that there are other ways to communicate with people. 

Did I mention, I also had 2 “in-person” conversations on the office during the outage? Crazy, I know.