Now Hiring: Director of Training Evaluation

I am in favor of measuring the success of training initiatives as much as the “next guy,” but this article, How to Set Up an Internal Training Evaluation Department, made me bang my head on the desk. The first thing I thought of was, “Beautiful! More overhead.”

Why are we creating more non-value added services? No wonder training is the first thing to go during a down turn.

If a company is big enough to create an Internal Training Evaluation Department, the company has a corporate finance group. Guess what corporate finance people do?

They value assets. All day long, they ask what is the ROI of this investment? What is the net present value of that investment? What the cost/benefit ratio of investing in that new thing? If learning has any credibility in your organization, it will be looked at as an asset just like any other. After all, an investment is made in training and people expect some return in the form of a result from higher performing people.

Why isn’t corporate finance doing the evaluation? They know a think or two about evaluating an investment. Isn’t training an investment?