Instead of Sending an Email...I Blog It

Every day at work, I look at my email inbox less and less. Why? There are fewer emails in it. How? Because more communication is occurring in the context of our work rather than in this separate communication tool we call, “email.”

Let me give you just one brief example:

Last week, I finished up a major milestone for a client project. It took a lot of work from me, and from people throughout the company. To mark the milestone, I wanted to send an email to everyone who helped. I also wanted to include their managers, so managers would know how much I appreciated help from their teams.
Reminder: Blog, Don't Email!!

I started to write the email. Then I started thinking of everyone to send the email to? Bob? Janet? Wait, did I leave anyone out? Do I really need to include Terry?


So, I just wrote a blog post and published it on an internal system so everyone could see it.

Now that’s better. Anyone who wants to read it... can, the message is now searchable by anyone who cares to find it, and no one gets another email in their inbox.

Yes, that’s much better.

I blog more to tell people what is happening in my work than I send emails. I using internal blogging to thank people, update project statuses, and even to tell interesting stories about what is going on around the company. It is way more inclusive than email, and it is a great way to make people feel part of the overall company…especially in our global, distributed working environment.