Best Practices are Overrated: Empower, Enable, Educate

This post was originally published on the HumanCapitalist blog. Included here is the lead and a link to full post.

Employees often go through a gauntlet of training on how to interact with customers, but once they’re put in the hot seat, these “best practices” usually fly out the window.

It is not that the employee has disregarded what has been learned, it is that there is a disconnect between the learning department and the customer interaction. Once the employee learns — they are on their own to assume the practices they’ve been taught. The larger learning departments get, the more centralized and further from the customer interaction it becomes. This centralized learning function begins to focus on its own mission, its own strategy, its own goals, and its own processes rather than on how the employee can best serve the customer.

In short: business goals and learning goals have become disjointed when the learning becomes overly centralized.

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