Let's Review: Most Popular Posts in October 2013

Lot's of great posts on the October Most Popular list. From implementing social learning with Atlassian's new product, Confluence Questions to designing eLearning with no lecture section at all. This list of popular posts from the LXDesigner blog is sure to provoke thought...and perhaps even action. Enjoy.

Social Learning Requires Work Context
This was by far the most views post on The LXDesigner blog in October. In fact, it was four times more popular than the second most popular post. I suspect there is great interest in this topi because too little practical advice is out there about how to actually implement social learning. I simply suggest in this post how a product like Confluence Questions from Atlassian can be a simple, and practical means for fueling social learning in organizations.

L&D Pros: Not Mathematical? Well, Get Mathematical
Inspired by A VC post about getting technical and a CLO Breakfast Club event on Big Data, I writing about the gaping hole in our willingness to admit that our inability to embrace mathematics and analytical thinking is the reason no one understands what the heck big data actually is. We need to stop making the excuse that “numbers can’t tell the whole story.”

How Linking Social Learning to Performance Advances Scientific Knowledge
Although this post was published in March 2013, I think its popularity grew off the back of the most popular most of the month (listed above). There is very little evidence that social learning relates to job performance. My dissertation is designed to seek that evidence.

You’re Either Growing Or Your Dying, There Ain't No Third Direction
I enjoyed writing this post, so I am glad it made the popular list. If career development is one of the most important criteria for employees, why don’t employers pay more attention to it. People are leaving jobs over it, and companies complain about the talent shortage? Think about it.

Consequences of Making a Mistake and the Motivation to Learn
I learned an important lesson about eLearning design in this ASTD Golden Gate South Bay Interest Group meeting. You really can create learning that skips the lecture and goes right into practice, allowing people to learn from practice and from their mistakes.