New Skills I Intend to Learn This Year

I like to set goals on regular cycles. Short term (weekly and monthly) and long term (yearly and beyond). Sometimes they are simple lists. Sometimes my goals are SMART, and other times that are not. Sometimes I go weeks without regularly reviewing my goals. Hey…what can I say, discipline is a B#$%^.

Occasionally, I go back to look over old lists, I notice something: a good bit of the goals I wrote down got accomplished. Who knew? I just did this exercise over the weekend morning and found quite a few goals I had set months and years ago, got accomplished. 

So now I am thinking about a few news goals to set over the next year.

Among many goals I'd like to tackle, I'd like to learn some new skills. In the next 12 months I want to learn a few new skills, and I want to create a learning plan for doing it. 

Here is a list of things I want to learn:
  1. Sales - How to sell and sell better.
  2. Running a Business - How to run a profitable business.
  3. BigData - I want to learn what Big Data is, what can be done with it, and understand implications.
  4. Cloud Computing - I don't want to learn how to program in Hadoop or how to spin up and administer a cloud of virtual servers. I want to learn the big picture, so I can discuss cloud computing beyond the argument, "Wasn't E*TRADE and Yahoo Mail! doing cloud computing back in the 90s? What's the big deal?" 
  5. Programming Language(s) - I am thinking C, HTML/CSS, Javascript. As a kid on a TRS-80 at school and on my Apple IIe, I learned to program BASIC. And in 1995 and 1996, I learned HTML and even built a few websites back then. So learning a programming language shouldn't be much of a stretch, should it?
  6. How to run 2 ultra marathons per year - I want to learn how to create a training plan, proper nutrition, and to run injury free. I'd also like to learn how to stay at a consistently lean body weight and how to train consistently over time.
In typical fashion, I want to learn more things than are reasonable, given the time I have. And some or all of these goals might get derailed by other priorities that inevitably arise, but if I didn't set goals because of those reasons, I'd never get anything done.

Next step is to create a plan for how I will learn these new things.

What new things do you plan to learn over the next 6-12 months?


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