Like Short Book Chapters, Short eLearning Courses are Better

This post was originally published on the Daily Mindflash blog. Included here is the lead and a link to full post.

In 2003, I worked on a project to break up long eLearning courses into shorter versions. In an early meeting to discuss how we would tackle the problem, the idea came up to “chunk” up the courses, so we called the project, “Chunky Monkey.” The catalyst was that we were getting direct feedback that the courses were too long, and in a call center, taking people off the phones is not something to do unless there is a darn good reason. We thought that by breaking up our eLearning courses into short modules, they could be completed during idle times between customer calls.

We had a specific reason for breaking up our eLearning course, but there are plenty of other reasons. Here are three. First, people have short attention spans. Second, they like a visible sense of accomplishment. Third, creating short, independent eLearning modules allows content to be repurposed for multiple uses.