Let's Review: Five Most Popular Posts in August 2013

Ah, the dog days of summer are in full swing. The good news is that at least some of you are reading my blog. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

Here is an idea of what you were reading on The LXDesigner blog lately.

The five most popular posts in August.

Announcement and Four Reasons I Joined ServiceRocket
I started a new job this summer and instead of sending an email to people I knew, I decided to write a blog post. At least, now I know many of you read it.

Great Social Learning Requires Great Design
This post was published way back in March, but a few of you found it again. Social learning is a hot topic and people are not sure how to make it happen in their organizations. I think the model I present in this posts puts some structure on an inherently unstructured practice: social learning.

Experimenting with Theming My Days
Written in 2011, this remains one of my favorite blog posts. It also remains one of the most challenging aspects of managing my work. How to decided that types of things to work on from day-to-day.

Running an Ultramarathon and the Importance of Goals Despite the Unknown
I don't know if the goal setting angle attracted people to reading this post or whether it was the ultramarathon. Frankly, I don't care about the reason. This is good piece about setting goals when you have no idea how something might turn out.

Stanford Study Suggests Exercises First, Lecture Second
It is always rewarding when people read posts that are serious works and cite important research. I still think this study has potential to change the way we help people learn new software.