Announcement and Four Reasons I Joined ServiceRocket

Many of my friends have been asking what I have been up to lately, as it appears I have experienced a lot of changes over the past few years. So, I just want to clear things up and make an announcement about a new job I have taken. 

I have recently joined the training team at ServiceRocket. The move brings me (and my family) back to California, which is great for all sorts of reasons both personal and professional.

My role at ServiceRocket is to help build the training line of business, which targets fast growing software companies who are looking to build skills among their customers. These are software companies that want to build a training function, but also realize their core competence is developing their product not building training programs. That's where ServiceRocket comes in.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a apart of the team at ServiceRocket.

Here's why I joined:
  1. The people are great (Cliche, I know. True nonetheless).
  2. Help grow a business: I have been an internal training leader for many years, and this opportunity is a chance to go back to my roots and build a business.
  3. Help companies build their training function: I have always thrived in build-mode, and it is hard to see how this role can get stale, if we are constantly helping clients build their training functions.
  4. On the cutting edge: Whether it is learning about open source web server technology, OpenStack, BigData, mobile app development, or Git, this role is a chance to help companies help their customers build skills in emerging technologies. I find that very rewarding. Software runs just about everything and knowing how to use software is a vital skill for future growth and opportunity. 
Helping people build skills, knowledge, and know-how in "new things" has always excited me. I simply could not pass up the opportunity to do that at ServiceRocket.

I have never made an announcement like this, and I do not mean it as a self-promoting post. I simply want to update friends an colleagues about my new role.

And be honest, do you really need another email?