Let's Review: Five Most Popular Posts in June 2013

Here are the five most popular posts on the LXDesigner Blog in June 2013. It includes mostly new stuff, but also an oldie…..from 2011.

Sure, social learning is a hot topic in learning and development, but getting people to participation is tough. This post explores some ideas and a research basis for increasing participation in social learning.

Just a rambling post on how a simple phrase can have the opposite affect of its intention. 

According to a social theory of learning, we learn through an interplay between participation in conversations with others and reification (or the creation of concrete objects or resources derived from participation in conversations). Since performance support is a critical part of providing people the resources they need to do their jobs, this post explores the idea that performance support can dynamically occur using enterprise social networks.

This one is interesting because I original published this blog post in December 2011. Hey, what can I say, it was the fifth most popularly viewed post in June 2013. One of the things I struggle with in my work is staying focused. I like to chasing all kinds of new ideas, which has it moments. However, most of the time, it is important to narrowly focus on just a few topics and really get after them. This post shares with you some ways I have experimented with defining themes for days of the focus based on the idea that if I have a theme, I would focus on that topic. I draw from examples from Pete Carroll and Jack Dorsey.

Creating quality audio for your e-learning courses is easier than ever, but that does not mean you should not take it seriously. High quality audio is one of the most important aspects of e-learning. Learners will judge your course based heavily on the quality of your audio. In other words, bad audio, bad course. Here are some tips for creating high quality audio.