CEOs Can Use MOOCs to Align and Engage

This is a thought provoking video interview (and headline) with Udemy's Dennis Yang about how chief learning officers can implement massive open online courses (MOOCs) into enterprise learning programs. My point of view on this is that MOOCs are an excellent (and doable) way for CEOs to increase engagement with employees at all levels of the organization, while teaching and communicating what he/she is finding important about the business.

How many of you have worked closely enough with a CEO or senior level executive who reads a book or an article and wants everyone else to read it too. The exec buys a copy for everyone and says, "We all need to read this book and put it into action." Most often no action comes of it. It's likely few people actually read it. And in an organization of thousands of people, only a few get a copy.

What if a CEO could lead a 6 week asynchronous course with readings, discussions, projects, etc? The CEO could reach an entire organization of thousands on an important topic if strategic important to the business. What better way for a CEO to get everyone on the same page then with a MOOC? What better way for CEO to engage employees all over the world in discussions on targeted topics?

Forget what CLOs can do with MOOCs. What can CEOs do with MOOCs?