More E-Learning Needed to Improve Sales Enablement Efforts

This post was originally published on the Daily Mindflash blog. Included here is the lead and a link to full post.

According to ASTD, companies spend $15 billion per year on sales training, an enormous number when you consider that people do not find sales training very effective. If organizations are spending this kind of money on largely ineffective training, there is a lot of value in figuring out ways to improve sales enablement efforts and provide them at a lower cost.

A recent article in the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management suggests that sales training needs to be individualized, voluntary, and offered in various modes. The use of technology, including e-learning, should be a big part making that happen. Using Mindflash to create e-learning courses can help you improve your sales enablement efforts by providing training that is more self-directed, delivered at a lower cost, and sustainable in the sense that there are available resources that help sales professionals remember what they learned in training courses.

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