Want to Use Feedback As a Development Tool? Ask, Don't Tell

This post was originally published on the CornerstoneOnDemand blog. Included here is the lead and a link to full post.

The honest truth about performance feedback in business, as I've observed it over the years? Typically, it's been a top-down process used simply to satisfy requirements for annual reviews. And usually, it's a chore that both managers and employees loathe. When I joined Accenture in 2008, however, I discovered a slightly different way of running the feedback process: The company had a philosophy and system that made feedback the responsibility of the individual, not the manager. In other words, if you wanted feedback, you had to ask for it.

Although I used the traditional process myself to collect feedback when I rolled off a project, I should have asked for feedback during times when I struggled or just wanted to improve. That would have been much more valuable to me than simply going through the motions of collecting feedback (usually in a rush) just ahead of my annual performance review.......