Inspire People To Action in a Common Direction

This is a very good article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine discussing an important topic in our field about taking our existing learning content and re-purposing and re-organizing it into smaller, more easily consumed packages, organizing learning into distinct, stand-alone components, and offering a more personalized learning experience. 
See the Future!

The article refers to these three trends as miniaturization, modularization, and mass customization.

Way back when, when I was a training manager I led an undertaking of our existing e-learning content to do something similar to what this article talks about. We wanted to "chunk" up our e-learning into short, easy to complete modules to that our audience (call center agents) would have a better chance completing product or service training during downtime.

The phrase "chunk" turned into a fun project name. We called this project "Chunky Monkey." 

The company where I worked at the time had a fun habit of naming projects. Chunky Monkey caught on beyond our little L&D team and people all over the company would talk about Chunky Money and asked about our progress. 

It was fun.

The name itself guided the project mission and provided a vision for what we wanted to achieve. That is the best of all worlds, when people on a team know the mission and have a clear vision for what it looks like in the future. 

Anyway…my advice….if you can, name your projects with a phrase that let's people know what you are working on. It will inspire people to action in a common direction.