Important Trends in Organization Learning

I have often been asked how I stay current on trends, methods, and techniques in learning and development. I would like to say that I attend every conference and pay very close attention, but sadly, this is not the case. However, I do manage to pay attention to conference follow-ups like this video with Elloitt Masie from the most recent CLO Symposium.

Isn't it amazing that with Twitter backchannels and recorded video, we can stay somewhat current on what happens at conferences that we cannot attend in person?  

Anyway, Masie talked about four important trends that learning professionals should not only be aware of, but should be thinking about how to implement in their organizations. 

These four trends are:

Personalization: How can enterprise learning systems do what does by personalizing your learning experience at work?

Mobile Learning and BYOD: How can organizations make available learning assets to employees on their own devices in a secure and accessible way?

Flexible / Telework: How can organizations structure work in such a way that is flexible enough to enable the most productive environment possible?

MOOCs: How can organizations leverage the power of massive open online course to develop people?

I suggest you watch this video and ask yourself these questions for your own organization.