Big Race This Weekend

On Sunday, May 19, I am running the Colfax Half Marathon in Denver. I have been training pretty hard since December and have set a goal to achieve a person record (PR) of 1:39:59.

My last half marathon was the San Jose Half Marathon in October 2011. I finished that race with my current PR of 1:43:44. So, I hope to beat my record by three minutes and forty five seconds. This is an aggressive goal, and perhaps not even doable, but I have trained hard and am much faster than I was in 2011.

I am extremely excited about the race, and it is just about the only thing I can think about this week. So expect my blog posts to be about the race and about some of my training experiences since December.

Look for posts this week on how I designed my training program, frozen gatorade, chasing coyotes, getting sick, and braving April snow storms.

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