A "Smart" Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Strong Runners

Since December, I have been training for the Colfax Half Marathon. This race is this Sunday, and I have been doing two things. First, I have been resting, so I am ready for the race. Second, I have been reflecting on my training over the past 6 months as a way of mentally preparing for the race.

Overall, my training went well. But there was one frustrating part of my training. We had a late winter in Denver this year. After having very little snow fall during December and January (maybe even February), the skies opened up in March and April, and we had several significant snow falls.

Mostly, I like running in the snow. I see it as an adventure and a dress for it. However in March and April, I planned to run some very specific, speed workouts. And guess what.....most of these snow storms occurred on days when I had my speed work scheduled.

So that was frustrating. It was also frustrating that the temperature was often very cold. This screen shot below was taken on March 24. End of March at it was two degrees? Two? Seriously?

But guess what....I went out for a run anyway. Here is a shot on one of my go to routes in easy days and snow days.  It's like my favoriate fishing spot on the Truckee River in California or the Madison River outside of Ennis, Montana. I am just not going to tell you exactly where it is.

On snow days, I wear my trail shoes. Brooks Adrenaline ASRs. They grip the road like Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. 

Since I am from California, I have not grown up running in the snow. But I soon discovered that wearing glasses is just as valuable (critical) as wearing goggles when skiing in a snow storm.....just to keep the snow from blowing into your eyes. Light tint, of course.

Anyway, in reflecting on my training, I think it will be very helpful on Sunday that I went out for my runs during snow storms, freezing cold mornings, and on days when I just-plain-DID-NOT-want-to-run. And we all have those days.