Simplicity: What Are Your Babe Ruth Goals?

I like simple, which is not to say that I like easy. I wouldn't be training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, if I liked easy. But I sure do like simple.
When I run the Boston Marathon,
I want to buy a jacket like this.
Cool, huh?

So when I learned what Babe Ruth's life goals were, I thought I discovered for myself the pinnacle example of simplicity.

Here are Babe Ruth's life goals:
  1. Play for 20 Years
  2. Play in 10 World Series
  3. Hit 700 Home Runs
What could be more simple than that. Certainly not easy goals to achieve. But they are simple.

This list has inspired me to re-write my life goals in a similar fashion of simplicity. And this is my goal for April.

What are your Babe Ruth goals?