Does Your Company Have a Skills Gap? Close it!

Now this is taking initiative. And I love the headline, Business Shouldn't Whine about the Skills Gap. Rackspace saw a skills gap in their organization for cloud computing and decided to invest in developing those skills. They knew they did not have enough people in their organization with these skills. They knew they could not necessarily hire enough people with those skills. And most importantly, they made the assumption that not all employees come ready-made with all the right skills.

By creating these certification programs to develop the skills they need, Rackspace is taking a financial risk for sure. But what is the financial risk of not making this investment (now that is thinking like an economist)?

Why don't more companies do this?

  1. It is expensive
  2. The payoff is hard to quantify
  3. Worried about people will take the training and take what they learned somewhere else
  4. Short-sighted
  5. Worried about making this quarter's numbers
  6. Assume recruiting just isn't working hard enough to find people with the skills they need
  7. Figure the existing training department isn't working hard enough
  8. Have not read this article

Whatever the reason...I love what Rackspace is doing, and for no other reason than an example of a company that identifies a problem, sees its value, and takes action to solve the problem.


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