Produce Something of Value That Improves Results

I sat in on a research seminar for PhD students who are beginning dissertations. The topic of the seminar was on the research process and there were many questions about which research methodology and design to use.

It turns out, I have chosen (potentially) a combination of the two most lengthy methods, two of which most committee chairs would not actively recommend to students...mixed methods and action research.


However, based on my research interests and questions that I want to answer, the best way to design my study is with a mixed methods action research methodology. From the speaker, "A mixed methods study is like doing two dissertations."

Double Yikes!!

And Action Research? Really? "You want to do two (or more) iterations of your intervention?"

I must be crazy.

Look, I want to conduct research that is valuable to organizations. Research that is practical (Action Research) and actionable in organizational settings. And I want to produce research that improves outcomes. Many (maybe most) dissertations can be written in their entirety without ever "leaving the lab?" I did not want to do that.

There is no easy path to a dissertation, but it seems I have made it a bit more difficult on myself. But that's OK. I think I will meet some smart and interesting people along the way, help an organization improve results, and have a good dissertation from which others can benefit.

If you'd like to read more details about my research plan, see the tab above call "Dissertation." You can read a detailed account of my research plans.