E-Learning Designs: Don’t Underestimate Learner Overload

I am at the beginning of a long-term project to create an internal certification program for a specific job type in my organization. The method for the learning content will be primarily asynchronous, so that people can go through the program at their own pace. Moreover, a self-paced e-learning program has the added benefit of being a resource that can be referred to over and over again.

The Great Debate

One of the challenges that plagues projects like this is deciding how much of a topic to cover at any given point during the program, especially when it comes to complex topics that you know should be covered in small pieces over time. Our debates are typical, “We need to cover this topic now or learners will not understand what comes next.” “I know,” goes the reply. “But if we cover it now, it will just overload people.” And so the debate goes.
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