On-boarding and Socializing New Employees on an Enterprise Social Network

A little bit every day, I work on my dissertation. Essentially, I am conducting original research on how to on-board and socialize new employees into an organization using informal learning methods on an enterprise social network, like Yammer. I am specifically studying the relationship between participation on an enterprise social network and job performance.

Occasionally, I will post thoughts, ideas, findings and struggles as a proceed through the the research and writing. For now, here is my proposed dissertation title and a brief summary of my topic.

The Death of a Sales Trainer: A Study of Enterprise Social Networks and Social Learning in the Workplace

The Topic:
The research topic is a mixed methods study of informal learning in the workplace, specifically how newcomer sales person participation in a community of practice, supported by enterprise social network technology, helps newcomers learn job skills and the impact that the participation in the community of practice has on sales results. In the context of human performance technology (HPT), understanding newcomer participation in a community of practice, supported by an enterprise social network, could help organizations select and design an emerging informal intervention (Community of Practice on an Enterprise Social Network), implement the intervention, and evaluate the results in terms of job performance.