You Can Manage Up

Throughout the past few months, many of our leaders have read the Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. We even did a 30-Day Challenge using the resources from the book web site to motivate and encourage leaders to not just read the book, but to take action on some of the things they learned. At the end of the 30-Day Challenge, several managers got together to discuss what they tried and how it turned out

Label Your Opinions

There is a concept in the book that leaders should label their opinions as hard or soft. For example, when a leader contributes to a meeting with an opinion, she should say, "That is a soft opinion," to indicate to the group, that it is OK to ignore the bosses opinion and come up with other ideas. On the other hand, if a leader feels strongly, she should say so. "That is a hard opinion." By labeling opinions, people will know where they stand with a leader.

One of the managers in our 30-Day Challenge started using this technique with his boss. In discussions with his boss this manager would say, "Is that a hard opinion or a soft opinion?"


Now guess what his boss does? That's right. She now labels her opinions. The manager knows much better where he stands with his boss. That is multiplying genius.