Poll: What Is Your Most Important Source of Learning?

As I conduct research on social learning, I repeatedly find statements that claim most of what we learn, we learn informally and/or socially. These terms can mean a lot of things. Informal learning could mean reading a book. Social learning could mean observing someone else walking into the street without looking and getting hit by a bus...causing you to learn, "Don't walk in front of a bus."

I also come across statements that say that even though people learn socially, organizations spend most of their budgets on formal training. From professional experience, I know this to be true.

However, I want to just take a temperature check with a non-scientific poll on Linkedin. The question: What is your most important source of learning? Please take the poll, and if one of the choices does not suit you, please comment below in the poll and list your most important source of learning.

Thank you for participating.