Five Reasons I’m Sending My Entire Team to Our Industry’s Biggest Conference

It isn’t often that an industry conference comes along at just a time when an organization can send its entire team. But this year, the stars aligned, and we were fortunate enough to be able to send our entire learning and development team to Denver for the ASTD International Conference and Expo.
Now, it’s certainly an expensive proposition to send people off for these kinds of conferences. And, yes, there’s a chance our team will focus more on having fun than on working. But that’s OK, because I know the benefits of the trip outweigh the costs. This year’s conference includes a keynote speech from Jim Collins and several other talks on innovative ideas. Add to that the additional insight recorded through the back-channel on Twitter and the opportunities to network with industry pros, and it’s suddenly an easy decision. In fact, I’ve got five main reasons I’ve decided to send my entire tea mto our industry’s biggest conference: