Cool Project! The Kindle Fire and Leadership Development

I am working on a project targeted at managers to improve their people management skills. One idea we are kicking around is to do a book club, but instead of physical books, we would use e-books or digital books of some kind. There are several options: Soundview Executive Book Summaries, Books 24x7 from Skillsoft, and handout to each manager a Kindle Fire or iPad and load books on those from time to time.

Each of these options has its pros and cons, but over time, the least expense option is the Kindle Fire option. If you consider the cost of a Kindle Fire is $199, and Kindle books costs (eyeball average) between $10 and $15, if we bought each of our managers a Kindle and then bought them 4 books per year that would be a first year cost of $260 and an annual cost after that of $40-$60 per manager. I can handle that.

And if you were a manager, what would be cooler: 1) receive a Kindle Fire or 2) receive a link to a web site and the name of a book to read. You tell me. Comment below.