Acknowledging Inspirational Tweeps in My New Book

I have a book coming out soon called Critical Skills All Learning Professionals Can Put to Use Today. It is my first book, so of course, I am excited about it. I want to share a few acknowledgments that I include in the book in a series of blog posts. It is just a way of showing gratitude to those who helped or otherwise inspired me to write the book. Here is one acknowledgement to the group on #lrnchat.

Excerpt from the Acknowledgement Page:

Finally, to my friends on #lrnchat. There are quite simply too many people to thank from this group, but I must say that my personal learning network (PLN), and friends on #lrnchat, have been an enormous inspiration to me and my attitudes toward how we need to steer the direction of our industry. Through our weekly #lrnchat Tweet chats, I am able to keep up with current
and future thinking in our fi eld and make some good friends to boot. If you are a learning professional and have not participated in #lrnchat, you are missing a golden opportunity to tap into the minds of a talented bunch of learning professionals, and also meet some very impressive people.