Eliminate the performance review: Part 2

For many years, I have wanted to improve my fitness and lose a few pounds. Many times I said, "I will start my diet on Monday" only to NOT start my diet on Monday. It was all talk. It was not until Thanksgiving 2010 that I said nothing and started a diet that enabled me to lose 25 pounds, all of which I have kept off over a year later. It was not until I took action and stopped talking about taking action, that I really made it happen and got the results I wanted. And so it is with my last blog post on eliminating the performance review. You may have read it and thought, "Yeah, sure, it's all talk. A business needs performance reviews."

We disagree.

And in the spirit of Henry Ford, "You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do," let me tell you what we are doing about it.

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