Top 10 #lrnchat Tweets from Feb 10 Early Session

OK, all. Here it is. The Top 10 Tweets from the morning #lrnchat session on February 10. The only criteria I used were losely based on my whimsical namture and love of dogeral and quick, dry wit. I ranked the tweets based on the order of the discussion questions and not based on worst to best or best to worst.

Bill Cushard

Q0) We begin w/ a  welcome: What have you learned today? If nothing fabulous, what have you learned this week?

04:44:30 pm jmass: RT @b_heady: Q0) Learned a little more about the film business in my quest to make a Documentary #lrnchat

Q2) If we could wipe the slate clean, what would online learning look like?

05:04:45 pm billcush: Tweet of the day! RT @kathchapman: Q2) Don’t make online learning simply formal learning without the classroom #lrnchat

05:07:21 pm billcush: OK…this might be the tweet of the day. RT @learninganorak: @hamtra Why do you need to track training? #lrnchat

05:13:59 pm billcush: And we have another Tweet of the day. RT @landddave: Q2) Online Learning would look a lot like Zappos customer service. #lrnchat

Q3) If we could wipe the slate clean, what sorts of tools would be necessary in corporate learning?

05:24:30 pm britz: Q3) The best tool is the 1 u already have on you. HT T. Bingham. Do u use/know all its capabilities or only abt 1/5 like the brain? #lrnchat

05:09:42 pm learninganorak: Q3 BEANBAGS!!! Lots of beanbags. #lrnchat

Q4) How would people need to be different in your dream corp learning world? 

05:25:05 pm stevenbrent: Q4) I’m a bit saddened by the passivity and lack of curiosity in most people I encounter. We need fearlessness and engagement. #lrnchat

05:26:16 pm lress: @c4lpt Wouldn’t it be boring? q4) Ideally, people would all be motivated, self-directed, autonomous workers/learners. #lrnchat

Q5) What are some things you can do to work toward that dream state?

05:34:38 pm dtssmithers: PRAY? RT @dtssmithers: RT @lrnchat: Q5) What are some things you can do to work toward that dream state? #lrnchat

05:35:46 pm gjcannon: Q5) remove ‘mandatory’ from the dictionary. Let ‘learners’ decide what’s important to their performance. #lrnchat