Book Review: Social Media for Trainers

This is a book review that I posted on I publish it here for those who follow my blog and might be interested in this book.

I consider myself an active, knowledgeable, and savvy social media user in a professional sense, even though I am no expert, so there were times when I wanted to skip or skim certain section of Social Media for Trainers by Jane Bozarth. “What is Twitter? Duh, I know that.” “What is a Wiki? Please!” “Oh, I know this already,” I thought several times. However, if I had skipped these sections, it would have been a huge mistake, and fortunately (or luckily) for me, I slowed down and read. Hubris is a B#$%&!

Jane walks the reader through useful ways that a trainer can use social media to enhance and extend any training event or learning experience. The examples are not only useful, they are ideas one can implement almost immediately. There are so many great ideas that I tweeted that I was running out of margin space and ink as I took notes on all the good ideas I want to implement.

Trainers should devour this book. Instructional designers better implement the ideas from this book into their course designs or else. In fact, I would say that an instructional designer should not design another class without implementing the ideas in this book. It is that important to improving the effectiveness of training.

After reading this book, you will know exactly how to use Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, and Wikis to improve learner engagement in your training sessions and ultimately, performance on the job after training. Not only will you know exactly how to use these tools, but I suspect you will also know when to use each one.

This book is not for reading, it is for using. Bring a well-sharpened pencil or new pen.