Rapid Learning Development (Notice I Left off the E)

There is one sure-fire way to speed up the instructional design process. You might not like it. You might say it is not feasible. You might even say this will slow down not speed up the instructional design process. But I can assure you, the only upfront analysis you will ever really need is to have your instructional designers perform the job for two weeks. They will come back to their desk and will be able to design instruction in much less time.

Think about it. If you take two weeks to do the job, it replaces most if not all of the analyze phase of the design process. You don’t need to survey performers or conduct focus groups or interview stakeholders. I mean really…how much can you learn about a job by surveying 87 customer service agents.

You already spend several weeks in the design process developing training why not eliminate half of that time by having your instructional designers spend two weeks (even one week) actually performing the job for which they are designing instruction. I don’t mean job shadowing…I mean talking to customers or processing workflows or writing a proposal.

Imagine the response of the VP of Operations when you tell her you can have that training ready in four weeks, but you are going to need two weeks to have one of your designers to do the job so they can really learn it.