Can your clients learn?

One of the main jobs in my work is to figure out ways to help clients use our software better…wait, no. That’s not right. One of my main jobs is to help clients improve sales results. OK, that’s better. That’s a more client-focused purpose. So, one of my main jobs is to help clients improve sales. It just so happens the way I help them is to teach how to use our software products to change the way they do business. I am constantly meeting with clients and developing training programs that are more effective. The idea is that if clients increase their sales as a result of using our products, they will be successful…and of course, we will be successful.

Do you educate your clients?

If not, you should. Better educated clients and are better clients. A recent case study by Bersin & Associates and showed that taking the time to educate clients has three main benefits; increased revenues, reduced support costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

How can you resist those benefits?

How can you not want to spend a ton of money educating clients to gain those benefits? You spend a ton of money on marketing to acquire new clients. You spend a ton of money developing new products. You spend a ton of money supporting your clients? And you spend no money educating your clients on how to properly use your products and services.

Why not?

The return is just as tangible. The results are just as meaningful. The satisfaction of helping others improve is addicting and inspiring. You need to figure out a way to educate your clients on the use of your products if you want to succeed. How can your clients improve their businesses, by using your products? How will your clients improve their lives, by using your products? Answer those questions. Teach them how. And they will keep coming back for more.