You are more in charge than you think

It drives me crazy that people don’t think they can do anything about it…that they are not in charge of their lives at work. Too many managers are victims to micro-managing bosses or slaves to overly strict company policies or subject to the constant needs of direct reports.

Too many managers do not realize that they are more in charge than they think. They have the ability to make most daily decisions about how to work and how to run their teams. All they have to do is exert some ownership. You get to decide how to run your team not your boss. If your boss does decide, why are you asking how “they” want your team run in the first place?

A great excerpt from John Baldoni’s Leadership at Work blog:

To me it comes down to a simple proposition: exert your ownership. If your boss is not giving you feedback, ask for it. If your teammates are driving you crazy, talk to them. If you are struggling with an impossible workload, find ways to lighten it. Proceeding as you are is inefficient; failing to address the problem may be even worse. Bottom line, you have a responsibility to do the job for which you are paid. Do it.

All it takes is a little ownership, the belief that you do own most of how your run your work life, and action. Take action.