Delegate decision making

Leaders should push decision-making as far into the organization as possible, and make as few decisions as possible themselves. There are two things to consider: 1) allowing others make decisions gives them real ownership and feeling of conribution, which increases their loyalty and engagement; and 2) a leader can save his/herself for the few big, important decisions that arise a handful of times per month or year.

When my friend and I were moving to Paris for a year, back in 1994, I asked him how much money I should budget for each month. He told me, "think about how much you would need to live on here in the triple it, and you might have enough to live in Paris."

So I ask you the many decisions do you truly need to make as a leader? Think about how many decisions you make in a take 75% of those decisions, and have your people make all of those. Focus on the 25% big, important decisions.