Just do your job, that's what you’re paid for

This headline sure does not give me extra incentive to come to work early, energized and engaged. How about you?

“Just do your job” is a common motivation technique used by managers every day. I have seen it in action, and it works so infrequently as to border on being one of the top causes of de-motivation. And yet managers do it every day.

When a manager says this they mean, “I am not interested in what you have to say. Leave me alone. I am too busy to stand here and listen to your complaints. Just go do your job, that’s what you’re paid for.”

Managers who want to improve performance on their teams should banish this phrase from their vocabulary immediately. Managers puzzled over low team performance should consider that by banishing this phrase…and more importantly…this attitude, most of their low performance problems could be solved.