Taking Over from a Old Skipper

Imagine if you took over the helm of a sailboat after a long day of sailing down wind. The person at the helm had the wind at his back all day. He could take one hand for the wheel and the other for a sandwich or a coffee or to reach for the sun tan lotion. The sailing was fast and the boat was flat in those 18 knots of wind. He covered 30 miles that day in your sloop.

The next day was your turn at the helm…returning home directly into that same wind and into those 4-6 foot waves. You had two hands on the wheel all day. You were soaking wet from waves crashing over the bow and into the cockpit. You tacked at least a dozen times that day and managed to cover 10 miles before just making it to a protected anchorage near an inlet before sundown. You have one or two more days of sailing before returning home.

Is the first sailor any better than you at handling the boat because he covered 30 miles in one day and you managed to cover only 10?

Is this not the story of Jeff Immelt?