It doesn’t take money. Hardly even takes much time.

I am reading the book 12 The Elements of Great Managing, from the authors of First, Break All the Rules, and it hits you like a bolt of lightning. None of the key ingredients to employee engagement cost a nickel. They all cost nothing more than a little shift in thinking and minimal time from individual managers taking a genuine interest in people on a professional and personal level. If you read this book and believe, as I do, that employee engagement will help you accomplish better results at work, then why not embrace these activities and practice them every day?

In all the years I trained and coached managers, they would tell me that they realize recognizing employee achievements is important, but “I just don’t have the time.” The more responsible managers say, “I just don’t make the time.” Regardless, there is a deeply held belief that it requires a lot of time that managers simply do not have or make.

But in each of these discussions, after thinking about it for a minute or two, managers begin to realize that the time it takes is minimal…to take a genuine interest in people. How much time does it take to say to a person, “Karen, you know, I appreciate the way you handled that customer this morning. I think you made a big difference in saving his business. I told the VP about it this morning. She really appreciated your efforts, too. I just want to say thank you.”

Doesn’t take too long does it.