Managers – Start Using Twitter, Improve Performance

Especially, if you manage a team remotely, start using Twitter. You can set up a Twitter account and protect your profile to keep your Twitter updates private, so no one but people you approve (your team) can view it. OK, so now that we got the privacy thing out of the way…how are you going to use Twitter to get your team better connected and improve performance?

Team Members Helping Each Other

As a manager, you should constantly be thinking of new ways to get your team to perform better. One thing to consider is to figure out ways to enable your team to manage itself more. For example, if team members needs help, it is often true that they first go to their manager. After all, the manager is in charge for a reason, right? He/She knows all the answers.

Even if that is true, and most of us know that it isn’t…a manager can quickly become a bottleneck if everyone on the team is waiting in line at the manager’s desk for answers.

With Twitter, team members can post questions and other team members can answer them. Voila! Team members helping each other. Performance is already improving.

Update Your Team

Now that you have freed up some of your time by getting your team to help each other, you can spend more time thinking of ways to keep your team informed of new events, changes in the business, customer reports, etc.

For example, don’t wait for your weekly team meeting to update your team on the VPs new plans for the department. Send a tweet right away.

Get Updates from your Teams

Have your team use Twitter to send updates on what they are working on. Short updates like, “just credited Mr. Johnson’s account $50…was mad about mistake on account statement. Happy now.” OR “The test isn’t going well……need another 2 hours. Sorry guys. I’m working on it.” Well, that was easy. The entire team learned something, and you know what is happening on the team. Less micro managing, that’s for sure.

Twitter will increase the transparency and openness on your team. Collaboration will increase and team members will begin to help each other more…because helping each other will become easier and more productive.

So what’s in it your you, the manager? You will get to manage less freeing up your time to work on important matters and less time on urgent matters.

Try it.